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We are a reality-based economic forecasting service tracking all key U.S. indicators ahead of release. We rely exclusively on the experiences of real business people in the center of the economic storm who are the true eyewitnesses to the economy's every move. No pundits, no spin – only facts and insights!

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February looks soft because January was so huge, fueled by the rush ahead of the Asian New Year, the certitude of rising freight rates as containership alliances coalesce, and by the prospect of border taxes, if the Trump trade agenda takes hold.

Future trade volumes will largely hinge on Washington: Will trading partners take the hint and play fair, or will they take their business elsewhere after one too many affronts from the presidential tweeter account? And how will the U.S. economy respond to the transformation in DC from bipartisan chaos to one-party chaos? -- EconoPlay ahead of Feb 2017 trade data


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